How long are the sessions?

Sessions for individual therapy last for 50 minutes while group therapy sessions tend to be longer usually 75 to 90 minutes

How many sessions will I need?

This is very individual and will be decided after the end of the first consultation session. Often a useful way to work is to contract 6 sessions and then review to decide together if there is a need for further sessions. This allows the person coming to therapy to feel more in control of their sessions and to have a clearer understanding of what they are working towards

Do I need to talk about my childhood?

Not necessarily, it depends very much on what the person wants out of therapy and their own needs.

Are the sessions confidential?

Absolutely. It is a persons’ basic right to have their privacy respected especially as in therapy very personal details may be shared. The only times when there may be a breach of confidentiality would be if the therapist feels that the person may either be at risk of harming themselves or harming others.

What is an integrative approach in therapy?

This basically means that the therapist will have a number of models that they are trained in – such as psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, supportive etc – and they will integrate these approaches to be able to offer an intervention that is most helpful at the moment. For instance it may be decided that a person will initially benefit from a more behavioural approach of learning coping strategies and then further on in the therapy they will benefit from a more explorative psychodynamic approach that looks at reaching a deeper understanding of themselves.